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Government of Saint Lucia

 Statement by Hon. Menissa Rambally – Inquiry into the NCA

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Statement by

Hon. Menissa Rambally
Minister for Social Transformation, Culture & Local Government

In my capacity as Minister responsible for the National Conservation Authority (NCA), my attention has been drawn to repeated media allegations concerning the administration of the NCA and, in particular, the stewardship of its General Manager.

I note that the General Manager, Mr. Henry Charles, has invited a full-scale inquiry into the financial affairs of the NCA.

It is important that the financial integrity of the NCA or any institution of government be seen and perceived as impeccable. The undermining of public confidence in the management of the affairs of the NCA is not in the national interest and therefore ought not to be encouraged.

I have therefore commissioned a full-scale inquiry into the management of the NCA from the period 2001 to present. The investigation will not only enquire into allegations leveled against management but will also seek to determine whether the board of directors of the NCA has effectively exercised its mandate in accordance with the provisions of the Act which governs the NCA.

The probe into the operations of the NCA will be spearheaded by an independent person who will benefit from the full institutional support of the Ministry of Social Transformation, Culture and Local Government, as well as other departments of government that could be helpful in the efficient and effective conduct of this assignment.

It is my hope that members of the public and the media would support the Investigating Officer in the execution of his duties and would make all useful and relevant information available to that office.

It is my hope that within eight weeks from today’s date, I would be in a position to report to the Cabinet of Ministers and to the country, the findings of the investigator and the steps, if necessary, that will be taken to maintain full public confidence in the management of the affairs of this most vital public institution.


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