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Christmas Message 2000

by Hon. Michael Gaspard

Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Health, Human Services, Family Affairs and Gender Relations

Parliamentary Representative Castries North West-Babonneau

Last year, the Babonneau community hosted the spectacular National Festival of Light, which ushered in the new millennium. That was a memorable event that brought thousands of visitors to our community and gave our residents a chance to experience the thrill and fun of pyrotechnics which we better know as fireworks.

One year later, we are ready once again to celebrate the birth of Christ throughout the length and breadth of the constituency.

It is the tradition that we inherited, so this year I implore all to join me in a true "sewenal" style as we move from house to house, community to community to bring cheer and comfort and seasons greetings to everyone in the constituency of Castries North west/Babonneau.

It behooves us as we celebrate this the last Christmas of the 20th century to do a number of things, not the least of which is to "put Jesus in your Christmas this year" as the popular song correctly says.

So lets make our first stop on the round through the constituency:

Des Barras

This past year we have seen partial road repair from Garrand to LaMezon Bridge, bringing added relief to commuters. The PUOUD programme is soon to issue land certificates and I hope too, that the Nature Heritge Project will commence early in the New Year. Before I leave Des Barras, let me say thanks to the Junior Choir members for their Carol Renditions during the Festival of Lights.


Roads have been repaired and lights installed. Thanks to the Jounen Kweyol Committee.

La Guerre

As I travel up hill I wish to tell all the people of Desablon, Savann-an-Ho, La Guerre, Chicken Back Street that there is good news. Tell the World that Jesus Christ is amongst us and let us celebrate his presence offering peace and joy to all. The water and road situation, Im, sure, will be addressed soon. Oh, by the way, remember we are going to set the model at La Guerre with the integration of Health Services at the Mothers and Fathers Hall. Men nou ni pou bay lanmen pou f twavay-la.


Bonjou tout jan Plateau k Morne Citon. As you know we have repaired sections of the road. WASCO has promised a more regular supply of water. We look forward to hosting a Jazz Festival activity soon.

Paix Bouche

Manmay Wob Dwiyet k plasman Pwenss Josephine. Let us celebrate Christmas "Ding Dong Merrily".

La Croix Chaubourg

Bon jou tout moun. Here, we want to highlight and acknowledge the good work done by the National Conservation Authority and by community groups in the interest of the community.


This is a veritable home for our solo groups, but we also need some educational and sporting activities that can be spurred by the presence of a center. I sanm mwn t pou koumans senwenal-la an Garrand.


Apwzan nou kay twavrs short-cut-la an desandan mon-la pou al Chassin. I am aware that Cable TV and rural electrification have become a reality in some of these areas and there has also been improvement in the water situation. There is need for the continuation of road improvements, and reconstruction of the main road and the bridge, including the Morne Assau Devolier road.

Fond Assau

Now we have arrived at Fond Assau, let us sing "Joy to the World". Here we have Cable TV, road improvements, good drainage and a community development committee that is very active and of which we are all proud. Follow me up the hill as we say "Merry Christmas" Talvan, Morne Monzie, Hill 20 and Cacoa.

We pause a little in the Central Babonneau area for a drink of ginger beer, sorrel, an ti gog vyann wousi. Anything you have, come lets share how good Christian men rejoice with heart and soul.


In Babonneau, we can talk about the beautification of the park, but we also need to strengthen our level of community organization. Now as we leave Babonneau, time is running out so lets make a quick stop at Cabiche to let everyone know that we will have road improvements coming soon, including a bus shelter.


Lets say "Merry Christmas" to all the residents of Balata/Morne Du Don, Ti Morne, Almondale, Union Hill Top.

Time does not permit me to spend as much time as I would like on each community in the constituency, but please allow me to visit quickly Choc, Sunny Acres, Summersdale, Bisee, Active Hill, City Gate and, of course, Carellie. I wish I had more time to spend in each community, as we hop around in true sewinal tradition, visiting friends loved ones, the sick, elderly, lonely, dispossessed and everyone.

Believe me, friends and constituents, each of the communities I have mentioned in this address is as important as the other. We are all part of one constituency, one country, one nation.

We are one people with one aim and one destiny that is to make St. Lucia a better place for us to live.

This Christmas, as we sing "Joseph Mawi,, Asou Mil, Ka Chach an ti Kay Pou Yo West", let us resolve to continue to live and operate as one community of people with one common aim of working together to improve our community for our common good.

Let us resolve to continue to do our little bit in our community for the national interest and in the interest of every member of our community, so that we continue to play our vital part in this important national community we call our own.

Mwen ka pld an szon nwl sala pou nou anbwas yonn a lt an kay nou, an vwazin nou, k an konmin nou kon nou ka touch yonn a lt epi tj nou, lanmen nou k lspwi nou an lantw konmin nou ek paws Castries Northwest Babonneau.

I ask you to embrace each other at home, in the neighbourhood and in the community as we link our hearts, our hands and our minds in the interest of our community, our constituency and our nation.

In closing, let me hail all families including the members of all the various community groups, sporting organizations, businesses, staff of the schools and members of the various churches.

In particular, I wish to say thanks and Merry Christmas to my Wife, my family, members of my Constituency Group, Secretaries, Staff of the Ministry of Health, Human Services, Family Affairs and Gender Relations, and all those who have contributed to my well-being.

Mwen ka swt zt tout an bonn szon nwl k siks lanne pouchen.


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