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Christmas Message 2000

by Hon. Jon Odlum,

Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Community Development, Culture, Local Government and Cooperatives  

Parliamentary Representative, Castries South

Hello St. Lucia - hope you had an improved year 2000. It was a fair year, and we are entitled to a Christmas with cheer. It was a very interesting year ending in an anticlimax. After all the global speculations of the Y2K, and what horrors we were threatened with, at the change of the millennium.

Well, the good lord kept a keen eye on St. Lucy's island - not even the computers suffered the severe disasters predicted, we were spared the hurricanes, and your government worked overtime.

One observation was that the level of expectancy from St. Lucians also worked overtime, and the more some of us got, is the more we wanted.

Understandably, the overwhelming 16 - 1 victory at the last elections created a similar high in most minds and the more the government produced - was the greater the demand.

Apart from the regional slump in the banana industry, which caused severe discomfort for the farmers, and by extension the population, economic up-turn was evident in construction, sale of vehicles and purchasing power at the unprecedented 50% sales - invented by J.Q. Charles Ltd. The commercial banks are overflowing at their banks like rivers.

NCB offered shares to the public and the top three businessmen - J.Q. Charles, A.F. Valmont and Elwin Marcellin were honoured.

Public amenities hit an all time high with water, phone, cable, and electricity and housing most accessible.

As Jook Bois would put it - St. Lucia is nice twice.

Irrespective of all this, some business places grumbled about a drop in their takings, which was not reflected in the consumerism. However, where there is a will - there will be a way.

The various ministries of government have been on the ball, coping with the public demands, urged on by the TV advertisements and the heavy u.s. influence - as many gullible ones echo - "I want it now! Now! Now!

The quality and quantity of the monthly public, political meetings around St. Lucia, sent a message of hope.

Coming closer to home in South Castries - I must give thanks and praise to a little band of workers - known as my constituency's working committee, which makes the constituents as comfortable as possible.

On the Castries City Council, of nine officials, - four of them come from South

Castries. On the Senate we also boasted four South Castries personalities (until the demise of two of them). So apart from the very personal one on one representation offered to you by your own ever-willing brother Jon, South Castries has been well looked after.

The process of workload distribution, and preparing members for future top representation, has been very evident.

Of course, what would life be without a few insatiable dissidents who enjoy stopping their buses by the Ciceron pubs to exchange fire with me, over an impassable road condition at monkey town - with good reason, but being at the mercy of the ministry's road repair crew, we can only hope for an xmas present as promised so often. Congratulations to the Barre St. Joseph vehicle owners who repaired their road by self help means.

a news paper editorial has found fault with the Faux-A-Chaux week of celebrations, organized by the members of the community to honour their heroes.

A wa wee.

The Assou Square pessimists are silenced by the uphora of joy coming from the residents of Marigot, Barre St. Joseph, Souci, Ciceron, Goodlands and surroundings.

At the recent annual conference of the South Castries constituency, outstanding personalities were honoured from all over the constituency - including Lady Spice - Ma Bra - Bianca, Exercise Control and J.J.

Again on behalf of the South Castries constituents, I say thanks to the loyal area chairmen, Nolas, Mike, Weekes, Max, Abel, Mc Combie, Harcourt.

The step programme brought much cheer to many workers.

Mamai la - Noel La wivay.

As usual you will be treated to your kiddies and oldies parties, thanks to sponsors - and the public address hail-up on Xmas morning - god willing.

Let us stay strong together, enjoy - together, plan - together, work - together, achieve - together, help each other - together, praise the good lord - together for a better St. Lucia.

I must utilize this opportunity to express thanks and appreciation to my entire family - even Brother George.

To our prime minister and other ministers and parliamentarians - even Cecil Lay.

To the outstanding minister of community development, culture, cooperatives and local government, even Eisenhower Greaves.

Merry Xmas and more love in 2001, and remember, that I am yours as long as you need me.

God bless us all - one love.

Wer - Frere ec soeur St. Lucie - Noel La wivay

An nou celebre.


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