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Sir John's Passion for the Arts should Live On

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Thursday,  September 20, 2007 –  Former Director of Culture and cousin of Sir John, Mr. Jacques Compton said  he remembers Sir John fondly, especially for his love of the Arts and Culture.

Mr. Compton  says Sir John's passion for the Arts  was reflected in  his personal life as well as in political  office as  he always made Arts and Culture one of his administration's s  focus areas .


'Sir John had a passionate interest for the Arts. Whenever he travelled anywhere at conferences, he always took in a theatrical production, whether it be  at the cinema, theatre, ballet, opera or dance - whatever, he never missed a thing like that. That's why he always wanted a national theatre for Saint Lucia.


Mr. Compton said  this is one of Sir John's  dreams for Saint Lucia that he hopes will be brought to fruition  by those charged with the authority to  chart the course of development.


“Unfortunately things did not happen in a way that allowed him to realise this dream in his life time. When he returned again in politics,  this last time again he pledged to have the  national theatre as his monument. As you'd probably recall at the Independence youth rally this year when  he saw the performances of the various schools and so forth again he pledged that he will see to it that the national theatre was built and he even promised to put aside one million dollars in this year's budget to go towards that so unfortunately, he did not leave to see that dream he always wanted .I suppose we'll have to see that that happens”


Mr. Compton said Sir John's  love of the Arts expanded to literature and  he was a great reader who was particularly  fascinated with the Greek Civilization.

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