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Victoria Hospital Aquires a new friend

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....... assistance for the improvement of services at the Victoria Hospital

Thursday, May 24, 2007 Saint Lucia's main health institution Victoria Hospital - recently received a donation of 38 beds from the Destiny Group of Companies headed by Canadian businessman, David Singh.

The Canadian businessman who has been associated with the business sector here for over four years now is on island with a group of 100 business associates to explore both the business climate and the natural beauty of the island. Singh believes corporations should not just concentrate on profit making but should gives back to the community.

These are really high quality beds 38 beds and the minute they got here they've been distributed to the patients. We just spoke to the nurses, they said there's such an acute shortage of beds that they needed them immediately so the beds which are excellent quality, all electric beds so these beds are going to last for many, many years.

The businessman has offered his business hand to Saint Lucia and is already offering more assistance to the 150 bed institution. This was announced by a members of the Canadian visitors paramedic Raul Singh.

we'd like to announce the donation of a hundred hospital beds, so far 38 have been brought here and along with these beds we want to bring some mattresses down for the folks as well so starting the 31st of May if anybody wants to flex their muscles we can use some voluntary help. We are going to be loading another set of 200 beds to be distributed around the world, and of that number we are going to commit 100 of them to come here.

The group of benefactors also requested that the hospital provide them with a wish list for assistance needed for the country. Mr. Singh himself said he observed there was no cafeteria on the compound and pledged to have one constructed soon.

Other pledges were made for equipment to the neonatal ward including incubators, paramedic training and disaster response support. To top off their list of commitments Mr. Singh and his group of business partners indicated an offer of 2.2 million dollars worth of essential medication to the government of Saint Lucia via the locally based Universal Health Care Trust- a business arm of the destiny Group in Saint Lucia.

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