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Local Artistes Only for Carnival 2007

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Contact: Claudia Monlouis

Thursday, May 31, 2007 – For the first time ever, only local soca stars will dominate this year's carnival stage. In a recent announcement, the Cultural Development Foundation said that Saint Lucia's local performers have grown and expanded to fill the gaps that foreign artistes once occupied in the presentation of the carnival product.

Executive Director of the Cultural Development Foundation Teddy Francis lauds that development, viewing it as an upgrade of the product that the CDF is proud of. and is eager to facilitate once local artistes are ready to hold their own.

“This year's opening of carnival presents a precious opportunity for the carnival fraternity in Saint Lucia, spearheaded of course by the CDF, to make the point that we have made good progress as far as the carnival product generally and certainly at the level of the music which drives the festival The need, maybe a few year's ago, to ensure the hype but including regional artistes on the billing for the opening is no longer necessary because of the tremendous effort and growth of our artistes.”

He says the tremendous effort and growth of Saint Lucian artistes will be reflected on stage on June 03rd at the Mindoo Philip Park.

“The soca artistes have really taken party music to another level. The early organization of the calypso tents makes the situation one where we can go full speed ahead with a full Saint Lucian caste for the opening. As we keep saying the CDF is not responsible for organizing wanton rivalry just for the sake of it. It's about the progress and development of the various art forms and what better evidence; all the credits must go the the artistes and their producers.”

Also on Sunday will be the introduction of the the national carnival queen contestants. Carnival bands will present the costume parade, whilst the champion steel band - Diamond Steel - and a host of other attractions are planned to thrill the expected crowd.

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