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Youth Parliamentarians "A model for Community Outreach Programme"

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Contact: Julita Peter

Wednesday, June 6, 2007 – Youth Parliamentarians have begun an outreach drive - the aim of which is to fulfil the mandate stated in the 2007 Youth Parliament resolution on poverty. “Be it resolved that the Government of St. Lucia should invest all necessary resources in a sustained attack on poverty with the aim of providing better life chances for our youth and the opportunity for them to participate meaningfully in and thereby accelerate national development.”

The first undertaking was a visit to the Holy Family Children's Home at Ciceron on Saturday June 2nd, in which the youth parliamentarian committed themselves in “A Big brother/ Big Sister partnership.

Tracy Dolcy who profiled as Prime Minister in the 2007 Youth Parliament which took place on May 8th, said each parliamentarian was assigned a child to serve as mentor. “We are hoping to form a bond with them to get to know them to help them out, as you know poverty is not just financial, we also made a small donation to the home and have pledged our continued support,” Dolcy said. The Youth Parliamentarians are hoping to assist the Holy Family Children's Home in planning and executing activities in observance of its 10th anniversary this year.

The Malgretoute Senior Citizens Home in Soufriere, home to over twenty senior citizens and persons with disabilities was the second stop for the Youth Parliamentarians who presented the Home with a television donated by Courts St. Lucia, as well as hampers consisting of household and food items.

According to Dolcy, “the visits proved to be very enlightening not only for the persons who were visited but for the youth parliamentarians as well.”

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