Statement by Acting Prime Minister Hon. Stephenson King on Sir John Compton's Present Medical Condition
Home Up Address to the Nation By Acting Prime Minister Honourable Stephenson King on The Passing of Sir John Compton September 8, 2007 Statement By Honourable Stephenson King On the health condition Of Sir John Compton Address to the Nation By The Honourable Stephenson King July 24, 2007 Congratulations to Darren Sammy Statement by Acting Prime Minister Hon. Stephenson King on Sir John Compton's Updated Medical Condition Statement by Acting Prime Minister Hon. Stephenson King on Sir John Compton's Present Medical Condition


Fellow St. Lucians,

Last Thursday evening, when I addressed you on Sir John Comptonís medical condition, I promised that I would further update you as new and credible information became available. I am pleased to indicate that I am now in a position to provide you with definitive information on the medical condition of our beloved Prime Minister, Sir John Compton.

The results of medical tests, which were then pending, and received last Friday, indicate that Sir John suffered a series of mini strokes in St. Lucia, prior to his arrival in New York on May 1st. The results also `revealed that he suffered another stroke while under the care of his doctors, who were at the time conducting medical tests. These tests were being done at the same hospital that he has used for such purposes, for the last ten years.

However, Sir Johnís condition is stable and he is able to speak, although he suffered some physical impairment that will require him to undergo rehabilitative physiotherapy. He is in good spirits and is repeatedly expressing his desire to return home. He has asked that all St. Lucians rally together for the sake of the nation during this challenging time.

Lady Compton is presently in consultation with Sir Johnís team of doctors, in an endeavor to determine the earliest possible time that he may be released from hospital.

I have been in contact with Lady Compton; my only official contact, on a daily basis throughout this difficult period and together with other members of the Cabinet have maintained contact with her several times during each passing day.

Now that Sir Johnís precise medical situation has been determined, and with the agreement of Lady Compton, the Cabinet of Ministers last Friday authorized the Honourable Lenard Montoute, Minister for Social Transformation and Deputy Political Leader of the United Workers Party, to travel to New York immediately. His visit is intended to provide Lady Compton and her family with whatever support that is required, as they make arrangements for Sir Johnís return home.

Minister Montoute is presently in New York and has already communicated to me, that he visited Sir John and conversed with him at the hospital and is satisfied that Sir Johnís condition is stable.

As is the case with the entire nation, the attention of the Cabinet of Ministers is focused on Sir Johnís return home and on his full recovery. Everything will be done to ensure this.

I appeal to all Saint Lucians to keep Sir John and his family in your prayers during this most trying time, and I thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Support and understanding are particularly important at a time when the nation is clamoring for information about Sir Johnís condition. I know that you appreciate that information provided to you must be medically accurate. Indeed, we must ensure that the right to privacy of Sir John and his family is respected.

At every stage, I have consulted with Lady Compton and have obtained her approval before any information of a medical nature was released. Her concern has been to ensure that any information that was released to the nation was confirmed by Sir Johnís doctors, was medically conclusive and was not based on speculation.

It is not easy for this Administration to contend with this totally unanticipated illness of our Leader, but I give you the assurance that the affairs of the country are running smoothly and that everything is being put in place to implement the vision for the development of the nation that Sir John set out during his recent Budget Address.

I thank you again for your understanding and I ask for Godís favour and blessings for us all and for our beloved St. Lucia.

A pleasant good night to you all.

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