Address by the Hon. Calixte George at the Handover Ceremony of Musical Instruments to the Royal St. Lucia Police Band by the Chinese Ambassador
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Address by the Hon. Calixte George


Minister for Home Affairs and Internal Security


at the Handover Ceremony of Musical Instruments to the


Royal St. Lucia Police Band by the Chinese Ambassador


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hon. Petrus Compton, Minister for External Affairs, International Trade and Civil Aviation, Your Excellency Gu Haming, Chinese Ambassador, Commissioner of Police, Senior Officers, Mr. Piper, Director of Royal St. Lucia Police Band, Members of the Band, other officers of the Force, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have normally spoken on Police matters in terms of Crime, Security and safety. But today I stand to sing a different tune as I join with the harmonious music of the Police Band in acknowledging the contribution of the Chinese Government.

The Hon. Petrus Compton has already made reference to the level of support from the Chinese to the Government and People of St. Lucia. Today's ceremony marks a further strengthening and deepening of the relationship between our two peoples. At this juncture I want to personally thank Hon. Petrus Compton for initiating this enterprise at the Ministerial level, for making sure that it bore fruit and for his continuing efforts and dedication towards improving the Royal St. Lucia Police Band. Today we celebrate Valentine’s day, a day when love is the focus. Your Excellency, I wish to convey my deepest appreciation as your gesture, is truly symbolic of the profound love which you hold for our Country. Thank you for this love gift which will undoubtedly go a long way towards the general upgrading of the band. I am sure too that the acquisition of new instruments would ease the frustration of band members and that they would be encouraged to play on in accordance with the prompt from William Shakespeare “If music be the food of love, play on”.

Once again Your Excellency, another indelible mark of the Government and People of China will be added to our National, Social and Cultural landscape as the band utilizes those instruments to render their repertoire, not only nationally, but regionally and internationally as well.

During my tenure as Minister for Home Affairs and Internal Security I have not been aware of a single complaint levied at the Royal St. Lucia Police Band. This is no doubt a manifestation of the Band’s level of professionalism, dedication, commitment, focus, initiative, and quality output. The Police Band has given yeoman's service to the Government and people of Saint Lucia. The band is a gem and can be considered to be the ‘Diamond’ in the Crown of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force. Their performances at official ceremonies as well as in providing public entertainment to various audiences throughout the length and breadth of St. Lucia has been outstanding and phenomenal and well received by all – young and old.

It is the forgoing too which led to the Band being given special recognition and honour approximately one year ago by Government. As a result, the Band was given $100,000.00 which is to go inter alia towards the production of its first CD.

I am therefore appealing to all St. Lucians to support this venture. William F. Buckley, Jr. indicated that “Life can’t be all that bad when for ten dollars you can buy all the Beethoven Sonatas and listen to them for ten years”. And, may I add, with advances in technology you can buy local and listen to the first CD produced by the Band beyond ten years.

I sincerely hope that the positive image which the Band has established within the public domain will be sustained. One of the major objectives of my Ministry is to improve the public image of the Police Force in general. In the course of this year therefore I will be exploring avenues aimed at enhancing the image of the Police Force to the level now enjoyed by the Band and I look forward to the participation of the general public assisting us to meet that objective.

I wish to express the gratitude of the Government and people of St. Lucia to the Government and people of the People’s Republic of China. The co-operation between our two nations has been fruitful. We are particularly pleased to see you expanding the field of co-operation from the building of physical monuments like the National Stadium and now the Psychiatric Hospital to the softer gentler arena of Music. This will certainly contribute to the spiritual upliftment of the Nation in a way that Bounty can never achieve. The music of the Police Band should form the basis of the “Spirit of Saint Lucia” not Bounty Rum.

Mr. Ambassador as you live in this country I am sure that you are aware that Fighting Crime is of great concern to us. In order to fight crime successfully a multitude of resources is required. In that regard we sincerely hope that this gift to the Royal St. Lucia Police Force is only an ‘initiation’ or beginning and that you will be seriously considering other ways and means by which you can assist the Royal Police Force in combating crime in this our fair Helen.

We thank you sincerely for your efforts in this endeavour and hope you continue to co-operate with us.

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