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Where to Register a  Birth?


Births are registered by a District Registrar of Births and Deaths located throughout the island [see below for list of District Registrars]. The registration must be done at the office of the District Registrar nearest to where the child was born. If your child was born at a hospital, save for the Tapion Hospital, the hospital will send a form known as Form I down to the District Registrar nearest to it for the purpose of having the birth registered but the parent must still appear before the District Registrar to verify the information and to insert a fatherís name, if desired, and the childís name.


What to check for at the District Registrarís office


It is important to check that the Date of Birth, gender and names and spelling of names are correct. Checking alleviates the problem of having to undertake rectifications later on.


When to Register a Birth


Every parent has six (6) months from the date of birth of the child within which to register the birth of their child at no cost. If this is not done within the set time, the parent will have to apply for a late registration at a cost, which is a longer process. [see below for process of late registration].


How to Register?


To register your child you should provide the District Registrar with the hospital record [Form I] proving the birth [this is providing the hospital has not already sent it on] and your personal Identification Card.


If the parents are married to each other, either parent can register the birth. If the parents are not married to each other and wish to register the birth with the fatherís name, both parents must appear before the District Registrar. The father will have to sign an affidavit swearing that he is the father.


If at the time of the registration, the fatherís name was not recorded, the parents can make an application to the Adjudicatorís Office to have this done.


Late Registration


A late Registration of a birth occurs when oneís birth is not registered within the stipulated time frame of six (6) months. To register the birth of a child who was born in Saint Lucia outside of the prescribed period, the following process has to be followed:


  1. Parent/Applicant goes to the Registry of Civil Status and informs Applications Clerk that her child is not registered and will like to do so.  


  1. The Applicationís Clerk will ask you to pay a search fee of $9.00 and you will be given a receipt.


  1. The Clerk will then conduct a search on the computer and if the record does not appear he will inform you that a manual, more thorough search must be conducted and you will be called for an interview at a later date. That process will be as follows:


                                                              i.            An interview is scheduled by the Registrar or the Executive Officer with the childís mother, if still alive or her immediate relative or someone who was present or had firsthand knowledge of the childís birth, for example a Doctor, Nurse or Mid-wife.


                                                            ii.            If the child was said to have been born at a Medical facility the applicant would be asked to go to the Medical facility to obtain a copy of the Birth Record if available.


                                                          iii.            The mother completes the prescribed Affidavit Form which is normally supported by a Statutory Declaration by someone, a Doctor, Nurse, Mid-wife or a relative or acquaintance of the mother. All persons supporting the application must submit a valid picture ID.


                                                          iv.            If the Registrar or Executive Officer is satisfied that the child was born in Saint Lucia, the party has to present the following:


a.       A copy of the motherís Baptismal or Birth Certificate to establish her full and proper name, if married the Marriage Certificate or other document to establish name, for example Deed Poll.


b.      The childís Baptismal Certificate to establish Christian names. Please note that the motherís name must be consistent on both her certificate and the childís. If the names are not consistent a rectification must first be done to correct the incorrect name(s)


c.       Two (2) pieces of picture identification are required of the persons filling out the Statutory Declarations. Stamps valued at $2.50 and $5.00 is on each.


  1. The Executive Officer approves the Late Registration and forwards the completed Application to the Registrar or Deputy Registrar for approval.


  1. The interested party takes the documents to the District Registrar where the Birth took place to be recorded.


  1. The District Registrar prepares a hand written Birth Certificate and the customer returns to the Registry with the Birth Certificate to apply for an official copy.



Where to apply for Certificates?


Certificates can be applied for at the Registry of Civil Status, Brazil Street, Castries or any post office around the country by filling out an application form and paying the prescribed fee of EC$8.00 or EC$13.00 for emergency certificates. If you have applied through the post office, you will be required to collect from the same post office.


If you are applying for your new born a loose copy of the birth must be obtained from the District Registrar and brought to Civil Status for an official copy.


How to apply for a Certificate from abroad?


A copy of the application form can be printed from the government website and completed and a fee of US$10.00 is payable which covers the cost of postage. A postal order or money order made out to the Registrar of Civil Status is preferable to cash. The package is posted and addressed to:


The Registrar of Civil Status

Peynier Street


Saint Lucia, W.I.


together with the applicantís return address.


Why should I apply for a Birth Certificate?


  • To apply for a passport


  • To apply for an identification card


  • To apply for a National Insurance Card


Note: for school registration of children and sitting of exams a Baptism Certificate is sufficient as all the information required, that is, childís Name and Date of Birth is found on that Certificate. A Birth Certificate proves nationality and that is not necessary for the purpose of the above.



When will you receive your certificate?


Unfortunately, because of the high demand for certificates in compliance with international standards that all citizens have machine readable passports by 2010, there has been a large influx for Birth Certificates and therefore a request can only be met within 1 to 3 months. That is why it is imperative that persons plan well in advance to allow for the application and collection of such certificates.





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