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 Attorney Generalís Chambers and the Ministry of Justice are Separate and Distinct Agencies

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The Ministry of Labour Relations, Public Service and Co-operatives would like to inform all Ministries and Departments that the Attorney Generalís Chambers and the Ministry of Justice operate independently of each other, and should therefore be treated as separate and distinct Agencies.


It would enable both Agencies to attend to other Agenciesí requirements expeditiously if:

1.         Correspondence that pertains to both Agencies were addressed and sent to each Agency separately; and

2.         Correspondence is directed at the Agency that deals with the subject matter of the correspondence;

In light of the above and for the avoidance of any confusion in respect of the functions of each Agency, please find below a summary of their functions:

i. The Attorney Generalís Chambers, which comprises four (4) Sections/Departments is responsible for providing services in the following areas:

(a) General Administration (Attorney Generalís Chambers)

(b) Advice and Litigation (civil/central government)

(c) Legislative Drafting

(d) Registry of Companies and Intellectual Property

The above is largely self-explanatory. However, the Advice and Litigation Section also provides representation for children in adoption proceedings; vets all Aliens Licences and documents for marriage licences; and also drafts and vets agreements and documents by deed on behalf of the Government.

ii. The Ministry of Justice provides various services under the following six (6) Sections/Departments:

(a) General Administration (Ministry of Justice)

(b) Office of Director of Public Prosecutions (criminal)

(c) Supreme Court

(d) Distinct Court (first and second district courts, Family Court

(e) Forensic Science Services

(f) National Crime Commission

Additional information on the above may be obtained from Volume I of the Estimates or from the relevant Agency.

You are also kindly asked to note that all matters requiring the attention of the Attorney Generalís Chambers and/or the Ministry of Justice should be addressed as follows:

1.         Attorney Generalís Chambers

2nd Floor, Francis Compton Building

The Waterfront


2.         The Ministry of Justice

Police Credit Union Building

31 Bridge Street


Your close attention to the matter of correctly directing correspondence to the two (2) Agencies would help them improve their services to other government agencies and to the public.


Your co-operation solicited.


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