An analysis of the 2001 CXC May/June Examination results revealed an improvement in the overall performance of St. Lucian students.


The overall percentage pass rate for this year was 71.2%.  This represented an increase of 3.9% over last year’s overall percentage pass rate of 67.3%. Sixteen out of seventeen secondary schools attained above 50% overall pass rates.  These pass rates ranged from 49.0% to 95.6% (See Table 1).


The performance of the candidates in each subject and for each school is presented in Table 2.  The total figures for the year 2000 are also presented to allow for comparison. 


With the exception of Mathematics (42 .6%) and Typewriting (43.8%), over 50% pass rates were recorded in the thirty subjects sat.


The highest percent pass rates occurred in the subjects of Home Economics Management (100.0%), Electrical Technology (93.8%), Information Technology (92.2%), Integrated Science SA (89.9%), Office Procedures (89.6%), Food & Nutrition (89.3%), Clothing & Textiles (88.5%), Building Technology (87.4%), Social Studies (86.1%), Agriculture Science Crops & Soils (82.9%) and Music (81.3%).


The English Language (English A) percentage pass rate was 70.7% - an increase of 12.4% over last year. However, the Mathematics performance declined by 8.6% when compared to 2000.


Of noteworthy interest is the 40.7% increase in the percentage pass rate for Information Technology from 51.5% in 2000 to 92.2% in 2001.


Five schools attained above 75% pass rates.  They were St. Joseph’s Convent (95.6%), Leon Hess Comprehensive (82.1%), Vieux Fort Comprehensive (80.3%), Choiseul Secondary (79.2%) and Castries Comprehensive (78.4%).


The frequency distribution of grades for each subject is presented in Table 3.  The modal grade was III.  The number of grade ones in English was almost 7 times the number of grade ones in Mathematics. 


The frequency distribution of grades obtained in the Basic and General proficiency for each school is presented in Table 4.  The overall percentage pass rate in the Basic proficiency was 39.3% compared to the General and Technical proficiency percentage pass rate of 71.2%.


The frequency distribution of grades attained by private candidates in the 2001 May/June CXC Examinations is presented in Table 5. 


The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) has not yet made available the regional statistics.  However, any other additional information can be obtained from the Examinations Unit.



George James


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