Community Based Care
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District Health Teams and Community Based Care

Working group objective:

Develop strategies to improve Community Based Services

Table 2 Community Based Care

Issues Recommendations Strategies
Limited scope of community care services

















Pending acceptance of National breast feeding policy


Poor referral system









Lack of community participation in health care.







No pediatric basic life support program.

Develop primary health advisory services for community

















Seek consensus on the national breast feeding policy with the general public




Improve referral system









Encourage the formation of community health teams which comprises of medical personnel and the community.






Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment of children in the community.

Upgrade level of community services to encompass:


Occupational therapy

Psychiatric Services

Screening and surveillance


Domestic violence /accident


Environmental Health – Sanitation,

water and food quality control

Geriatric and disable care

Maternal and Child Health

Dental Care

School Health Preventative Care-



Ratification of National Breast Feeding Policy in parliament




Discharge form system should be implemented linking the private and public sector

Design an appropriate referral form for use between the community and hospitals and mandate that department managers certify these forms for budget reporting procedures

Use a multi-disciplinary approach in selecting health teams.

Empower community health teams to take responsibility for their health.




Child guidance and development


Asthma recognition and immediate

care program

School health programs

Dental health programs

Nutrition and counseling programs

Train community health staff to administer pediatric basic life support care



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