Statement by Hon. Velon John Minister for Labour Relations, Public Service and Co-operatives on the “Sandals Affair”
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November 9, 2006

On behalf of the people and Government of St. Lucia we will at this time comment on what has been termed the “Sandals Affair”.

It is indeed regrettable that Sandals – a private company, has embarked on a course of action, that at this time has placed a substantial number of its employees in a situation of acute dislocation.

Though Sandals has the legal right to sever the employment nexus between it and its employees under those circumstances, yet in the interest of comity and goodwill between it and the workers of this country, better thinking and reasoning should have prevailed.

The “Sandals” course of action has in my opinion undermined the principle of social dialogue and in some measure has posed a subtle threat to Caribbean Trade Unionism.

As I see it the industrial relations landscape must evidence a functional solidarity that facilitates the resolution of contentious matters between the social partners in a manner that does not exacerbate the employment expectations of workers on one hand, and the right to a reasonable profit on their investment, by employers.

It is the salubrious climate of co-operation and consultation that the Labour Code is endeavoring to address so that our workers are not disadvantaged by unilateral and unreasonable decisions taken by employers. In time there will be legislative provisions that will obviate the necessity or possibility of a “Sandals Affair”.

At this time the Government will engage the outsourced companies in an attempt at facilitating the employment of those who are bearing the brunt of the “Sandals Affairs”. As many of them that could be so employed, the better.

In closing, I must comment that in this X-mas season of goodwill towards men we are confronted with a situation that does violence to the ideals of brotherly love and concern

Let it be unequivocally stated that this Government is committed to the welfare of its workers and will resolutely advance their cause for social justice.

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