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St. Lucia will host the 19th CARICOM Heads of Government Conference from June 30th to July 04th. To keep you informed on the preparations leading to the summit and the events as they occur during its course, the Government Information Service has established this special section which will be updated on a daily basis.

The event has special significance for St. Lucia as:

bulletIt coincides with the Caribbean Community’s 25th Anniversary.
bulletPrime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony will chair the Summit.
bulletQuite a number of important dignitaries are expected to visit the island for the summit.
bulletA number of protocols amending the Treaty of Chaguaramas to move the region closer towards the realization of a single Market and Economy will be signed during the summit.
bulletOf great importance is that the hosting of such a meeting will cost taxpayers quite a bit of money. It is therefore imperative that the public is given an account of how their money is being spent and to be made aware of Government’s preparation for the conference.
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